What Is A Sri Lankan Visa?

A Sri Lankan visa is an endorsement on a passport or a similar document to facilitate the legal entry of non Sri Lankans into the country and to regulate the period of their stay and the conditions governing such stay.

Visit Visa

A Visit Visa is an entry permit signifying the consent of the Sri Lankan Government for the admission of a foreign national to the country. The Visa contains details of the period of time and the conditions of the stay. There are two sub-categories which come under visit visas.

Tourist Visa: A Tourist Visa is issued to bona-fide tourists who want to enter Sri Lanka for sightseeing or holidaying, visiting friends and relatives, medical treatments, participate in art, music and dance events, participate in sport events for a short period of time.

Business Purpose Visa: A Business Purpose Visa is issued to foreign nationals who visit Sri Lanka for business purposes for short period of time. This visa may be issued for single or multiple journeys.

What Are The General Eligibility Requirements For Sri Lankan Visas?

Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration is satisfied that you are suitable to enter Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration approves the purpose for which you are entering Sri Lanka.

You hold a passport valid for a minimum period of six months from the date you arrive in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration is satisfied that you have adequate funds for your maintenance whilst in Sri Lanka and for the payment of your return passage to the country which issued your passport.

You are in possession of a written assurance (ticket) to return to the country of domicile or a visa to the next country of destination if you are a visit visa holder.

How Can I Renew My Tourist Visa ?

Every bona-fide tourist who enters Sri Lanka within the period of the landing endorsement granted by the authorized officers at the port of entry can apply for a visa extension before the expiry of such visa. Two (02) months extension beyond 30 days shall be granted at the Department of Immigration and Emigration (Head Office) or online through the However further extension shall only be considered with valid reasons. This restriction will not be applicable to Ex-Sri Lankans.

Where Can I Get Tourist Visa Renewal Application Form ?

Head office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo.

Download printable versions of the Application Form.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

ETA is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka and is issued electronically. The ETA is introduced with the intention of providing an efficient, reliable and simplified service to those who visit Sri Lanka. ETA holders will be issued a 30 day Short Visit visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. The ETA will be effective from 1st of January 2012. The ETA is issued through an on-line system. No passport copies, documents or photographs are required. There is no requirement to endorse the ETA on the passport. View sample ETA approval notice and/or referral notice.

Submission Of ETA Application By The Applicant

If you are planning a short visit to Sri Lanka, you can submit your ETA application online to the Department of Immigration & Emigration. Steps to be followed; Click on the Apply button and fill in the ETA application. Pay the relevant ETA processing fee using your electronic payment cards (credit card/e-commerce enabled debit cards) and submit the application. Only Visa, Master and American Express Cards are accepted. If you are unable to pay by electronic payment cards (credit card/e-commerce enabled debit cards), you have to select one of the alternative options. Apply If your application is successfully submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment promptly. View sample ETA approval notice and/or referral notice. To check your ETA application status you may log onto the ETA website or contact 24/7 dedicated ETA call centre on 0094 71 99 67 888

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