Sri Lanka truly is a dream destination for any professional photographer interested in many splendours of travel photography such as majestic landscapes, vibrant festivals and religious gatherings as well as intimate portraits, rare wildlife, street life and more. Your tour will be led by a photographer with extensive experience and knowledge of the destinations you will visit and who will help you make the best use of your time and equipment achieving some really great photographs. We are also arranging impromptu shoots with local people (stilt fishermen, tea pluckers etc.), model release documents, modern high standard transportation and accommodation.


Photography can be a powerful tool of expression; a way of discovering the world, and yourself in the process. But first, you need to master the basics and an intimate understanding of your camera and equipment. This tour has been designed with the needs of a beginner level photographer in mind who recently acquired a DSLR camera. The photography tour is an ultimate guide to learn about the basic settings of your DSLR camera giving you a fair understanding of digital photography, camera operations and handling techniques. If you are less experienced photographer who is keen to develop your photography skills, this is the best photo tour.

Traditional Handicraft Photography Tours

The Sri Lankan traditional handicraft photo tour will take you to explore lesser known places of Kandy to experience the rural crafts (batik, brass work, woodcarving, handloom etc.) villages of Sri Lanka. During entire journey you will meet different craftsmen and communities, and you will have a chance to see, learn and take photos of various handicrafts production methods by the ethnic cultural groups of the country. You will also be able to buy handmade products directly from the local craftsmen at the lower prices. That way your money will directly benefit the local community of craftsmen in the area you are visiting.